Rules and Info

This page will tell you all about the pool and how it works

Each entry is $1

The pool is open to everyone 21 years of age and older

I do not keep any money from the pool, all of it is paid out to the winner(s). I do have a few rules to the pool-

  • Entries must be in my possession before the first game of the week starts. No late entries, it wouldn't be fair to other players
  • Play as many sheets as you want, there is no limit to the entries you submit
  • All entries are final. The way you turn your sheet in is the way it stays once the first game of the week starts. I will make changes to your sheet upon request if you find you have made a mistake, as long as no games have started
  • If you didn't circle a game or if you circled both by mistake- it counts as a miss
  • If you don't put a tie breaker score on the sheet- it will count as zero points
  • The pool was crated years ago for fun and not for any person or person to profit from it. No one is to receive any monetary gain from it other than the winner(s). When you win a week the money is yours and yours alone. I make no exceptions to this rule. I will contact you personally if you win to make arrangements to get your winnings to you. Anyone attempting to collect a portion of the winner's share for any reason will be permanently banned from playing the pool.
  • If any problems or concerns arise, my decision will be the only decision. It will be as fair as possible to all players and it will be final.

How the sheets work-

  • Sheets have a list of games for the week
  • You pick a winner of each game
  • Choose a tie breaker score. Total points of both teams playing in the Monday night game or any game deemed as the tie breaker game
  • The entry with the most correct games on it is the winner
  • If there are multiple entries with the same amount of correct games it goes to the tie breaker points. Entry with the closest number of points, over or under, to the actual total points of both teams wins the pool

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