Winners 2017-2018

The best picks for the week of-

Week 17

Kim Gribble

Austin TX

3 misses

45 points


Good job pulling out a win on the last week Kim!

Week 17 picks

Week 16


MC dealer staffing

0 misses

62 points


Zero miss entry, great picks Patti!

Week 16 picks

Week 15

Bert Hold / Craig Willis

Midway Chevy

1 miss

45 points


These two guys are tough! Split the pool again with exact points!

Week 15 picks

Week 14

Nanette Wood


3 misses

 34 points


Wow, you really made some good choices this week Nanette, great job!

Week 14 picks

Week 13

Bert Hold / Craig Willis

Midway Chevy

2 misses

 30 points


3rd week in a row Bert wins money and splits with Craig this week, nice picks guys!

Week 13 picks

Week 12

Bert Hold

Midway Chevy

2 misses

 40 points


Two weeks in a row and down to the points again, nice picks Bert!

Week 12 picks

Week 11

Bert Hold

Midway Chevy

1 miss

 46 points


Down to the tie breaker points fo the win, great picks Bert!

Week 11 picks

Week 10

Brian Stimatze

Van Collision friend

1 miss

 42 points


One miss entry wins with the closest points. Nice picks Brian!

Week 10 picks

Week 9

Dumitru Catarig

Van Collision Center

1 miss

 38 points


Very nice entry sheet, 1 miss and 1 point from hitting the tie breaker exactly. Great job Dumitru!

Week 9 picks

Week 8

Split 3 ways

Bill West / Matt Villegas / Ray Banks

Midway Chevy / Peoria Nissan / Midway Chevy

0 misses

 48 points


Zero miss entries hitting the tie breaker exactly, way to go guys!
6 other zero miss entries just out on the points, amazing week.

Week 8 picks

Week 7

Deb Mansfield

Deb's Doggie Doo's

1 miss

 41 points


Another week down to the Monday night tie breaker, great picks Deb!

Week 7 picks

Week 6

Megan Hoover

Shea Honor Health

4 misses

 52 points


Wow! Down to the Monday night tie breaker, nice points Megan!

Week 6 picks

Week 5

Brian Smith

Van Collision Center

3 misses

 47 points


Great picks Brian, right down to the Monday night game!

Week 5 picks

Week 4

Pot splits this week- 

Greg Schweitz / Honor Health
Dustin Loerzel / Pinnacle Nissan

4 misses

41 / 57 points
each 8 points away from 49 total


Last seconds on Monday night changes the pool, good job guys. Great picks!

Week 4 picks

Week 3

Janet Campbell

Honor Health

3 misses

31 points


Crazy week. Very nice entry Janet, had it won on Sunday night!

Week 3 picks

Week 2

Brian Franco


1 miss

40 points


1 miss entry comes down to the points, 2nd week and 2nd win from Brian's group.

Week 2 picks

Week 1

Split pot
Carol Willis / Brian Franco


2 misses

41 points


Great picks on an interesting 1st week, congratulations to both Carol and Brian!

Week 1 picks

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